Shahrukh Khan and Dr. Zakir Naik – a live dialogue on Muslims’ identity

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This would be a real treat to watch. NDTV India would be hosting a show featuring Actor Shahrukh khan and actress Soha Ali Khan along with the prominent speaker and self proclaimed student of Islam Dr. Zakir Naik. Each individual has found their way into popularity and fame through sitting in front of a camera but for very different reasons.

This interview would be aired on 7th March 2010 at 2000hrs Sri Lankan time. For those who cannot tune into to NDTV via satellite you can click on this link  to watch the video LIVE online!

You can catch Zakir Naik on his web channel Peace TV by clicking on this link.



  1. shameem said,

    islam notates only on peace….zakir naik can explain it

    • adil said,

      i m on ur side…shahrukh should get inspired by Dr zakirs talk….shahrikh khan who is muslim by name,behavior,etc.. he can also be a muslim by his devotion towards the almighty from zakir naiks words..

  2. shafiuddin said,

    Is there comparison between them, Dr. Zakir Naik a practical Muslim, and Shah Ruk and Soha are commercial celeberity. In order to get fame they can speak against Islam, as they are not follower of Islam and they have just name Muslim.

    • ismail khan said,

      i heard sharukh khan is under 50 most powerful person in this world but remember this brother dr zakir naik he is the most powerful person on this planet because allah is with him u can’t compare sharukh to dr zakir naik

      • Mah'di Hasan said,

        Peace be on you all
        Dear brothers,
        Let’s not fight & write about ShahRukh Khan is a Namesake Muslim or he can say against Islam for fame and so on. Let’s rather say and pray to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala that he might give ShahRukh Khan the light of Hidayah at the time Allah thinks appropriate for ShahRukh.
        And let’s pray for those who follow and try to follow Islam from their Heart including Dr. Zakir , IRF, you and me.
        May Allah Help us to work correctly and exclusively (with Ekhlas) for Allah Rabbul ‘Alamiin.

      • Santosh Kumar S S said,

        Maaf keejiye Sir ji,,,, magar Shahrukh Khan ji is well known person in the world… As well as I know Him, He is THE BEST MAN IN THE WORLD…. I am not comparing anybody With Shahrukh Khan…
        But, Hum to Shahrukh Khan ji ko hi jaante hain,, Aur Inhee ko hee maante hain. Jab baat aaye inke commercial world ke saath, E jo silver parde pe accha karten hain… hum usee ko hi follow karten hain… Accha kaam karna, seekhana, Sikhaana aur accha kaam karwanaa to nek baat hoti hai na… aur jo neki ka raaste me chalta hai.. O to khuda ki seene ki daayine taraf basta hai ji….

        Agar hum se koi kathaa ho gayi ho to, gustaaki maaf ho…….

    • ghina said,

      yeah, and according to islam you cannot state that someone is not muslim when they say that they are. Shame on you

      • roni said,

        your knowledge about ISLAM is unprecendented .if you like that celibreties plz pray to almighty to keep you with them in Hashar maidan!! what a supporter you are of ISLAM!!!

    • Syed Ali said,

      He is a Munafiq. His marriage is not a marriage under Islamic law, ask any Muslim who knows about Islam and he will tell you the same.

      • Rufaida. said,

        U dont av da r8t 2 cal ua felow muslim a munafik coz u r nt Allah 2 say dat.n bwt marriage t true dat he went agaisnt islamic sheria

      • Haikal said,

        Come on the Quran..Allah described a person like SRK in a surah named “surah al-munafiq”..they r Muslim by name but they don’t believe in the oneness of Allah..they were described by Allah as someone who is attractive,influential and everyone along the line..doesn’t that make Soha ali khan and shah rukh khan a Muslim???isnt it better if they just denounce being a Muslim if they r already other idols??

    • Rasheed ahmad said,

      i not believe that sharukhan is muslim b/c of his carrier in all film is i pray GOD to make sharokhan a great muslim

  3. peripateticwayfarer said,

    @ Shameem: Im with you on that 🙂
    @Shafiuddin: There is no comparison in terms of Islamic content, one outweighs teh other by a huge margin. However, they do each have the power to move the masses for various reasons.
    And if you actually followed the program you will see how much truth your comments carry. An appropriate platform was not given to those who wished to explain the essence of Islam and the host guided the talk along petty issues of lesser importance.

    • ismail khan said,

      sharukh khan and soha ali khan they are muslim by their name they are munafiq i don’t wanna say anything about in quran allah says you can’t explain to munafiq allah make them gumrah they are commercial they give deplomatic answer aske them why allah send human being to this world what we are doing for our aaqriah aske sharukh and soha how many rakath in zohar salah how many farz how many sunnah and how many can u compare that munafiq with dr zakir naik i am agree with zooya anjum barkha has not given proper time to dr zakir naik zooya sharukh and soha they are munafiq they must know the meaning off munafiq they will be agree with me they are munafiq

      • ismail khan said,

        i was trying to say sharukh and soha they are munafif i don’t wanna say anything about them in quran allah says u can’t explain to munafiq they are gumrah

      • Syed Ali said,

        I agree with you brother they are definitely munafiq.

      • shahzad said,

        VERY GOOD COMMENT VERY Absolutely

    • Waheed Ahmad safi said,

      Salam to all muslim Brothers!
      The conversation among Shrukh and Dr. Zakir Naik does not match, everyone knows that practical muslim as Dr. Zakir and None pratical muslim or named muslim sharu khan so they will not agree with each other. It is just wasting of the time .
      I wanna ask a question that What doest sharukh want to prove?
      Does he want to prove that he is muslim or unmuslim?
      I am 100% sure that sharukh must agree with Pro.Dr.Zakir thoughts.

      Bye muslim brothers.

  4. zooya anjum said,

    barkha has not given proper time for dr.zakir naik .
    muslim is suppose 2 follow.

    which means NO ONE IS GOD EXCEPT ALLAH . and MOHAMMED is his messanger.

    BUT ACCORDING 2 SHAHRUKH KHAN he has multiple beliefs for sake of money, they sell their religion. he has not total belief in ALLAH ,so be cant be a muslim in real sence.

    • Prince khan said,


      I am totlly agree with you.

    • Ghazi Abdul Majid said,

      Assalam alaikum


      zooya anjum ,

      Do you have any power to pass any comments like you pass.any one can be a momem but we have to keep patient and wait till they come inside the islam.

      Insha allah sister do not get angry.It is really haram whos knows about shahrukh or any non muslim may be they will do appology from allah when we dont we dont know just what i have to say that Insha allah every human knows about islam Insha allah they will follow.

      Still in this world there is no creator of ant lor ant legs no one can let them think who made this and knows about future that is only ALLAH.


      Sorry if i said anything wrong.

      Jazak allah khaire

    • mohdmmed said,

      mo commnets just i read i pray for him allah give hidayaht if not ?????/

    • Haider ali khan said,

      sharukh khan is not a muslim he used the word ”khan” only for his popularity and for the sake of money there is no pudecity in sharukh khans like no not respect for the females like khans no doughtness like khans no manfullness like khans and no maidenliness like khans he is only hindu

  5. shaahima said,

    I missed the live stream, and can’t seem to find the interview anywhere else. Help? 🙂

    • peripateticwayfarer said,

      You can now catch the above program on youtube by clicking on the following weblink.

      • tanni said,

        Salaam all!

        DONT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU SEE! there is without a doubt more to everything depicted in media.

        Media operates a GATE-KEEPING process- wherby they only show WHAT “THEY” WANT to show…nothing is complete or genuine…Media is Manipulation of the masses (all of us : the normal people)

        Media is owned and controlled to distort, demise and terminate the truth of life: ISLAM.

        This debate was NOT LIVE therfore we did not get to see what Dr. Naik ACTUALLY said…

        -it was edited by the editors/ producers of NDTV eventhough this was in direct contravention of Dr.Naiks Pre-requisite to doing the interview- which was that HE WOULD get the interview edited but once he had done the interview they denied him this agreed right…

        -They allowed only 1 CAMERA CREW to film promising him a copy of the interview and again NDTV failed to give this saying they will give it to him after the telecast of the interview and to avoid leakage…they still havent given him the original copy.

        The INTENTION of the NDTV crew and candidates is clearly to discredit Islam and the world reknowned orator Dr.Naik.

        For more information please refer to Dr. Naiks show “TV talk shows an analysis” it gives his side to this CORRUPT & DERRANGED INTERVIEW.


    • Prince khan said,


      You go to google and type Dr.Zakir Nayak and Shahruk khan.
      you will get through this way all shoha ali dailog also.

      Prince Khan

    • faisel shafi watt said,

      peace of Allah be upon all of us.
      no doubt khan is by name a muslim, but that in no way mean he can talk of Islam. he has no right to talk of this divine is ridiculious to see this plebian making discussion with the moving encyclopidia like Dr.zakir naik.these film artists are similar to the protitutes.while later sell their bodies secretly to earn the livelihood ,these film valgurs do the same for luxuries…………………….Mr.khan u deserve the shoes here and hell fire here after as u are the big slap on the muslim world..
      MY FOOT SRK.

  6. peripateticwayfarer said,

    I guess you’d have to be patient till it hits youtube or gets archived on the NDTV website Shaahima. Not too sure about websites that host a live telecast an hour after it’s shown 🙂

  7. shaahima said,

    Thank yew.
    As expected, SRK was defending the cushier ‘good intention’ route. Must keep an eye out for a link(s) to the entire program…curious to know what ZN and the others had to say.

  8. saquib sahban said,

    SHAHRUKH KHAN is my favourite as an actor and as a person. He always says that he is a muslim but in his personal life everybody can see things that dont match that of a Muslim. I am not criticizing, i am only expressing my feelings. I am not sure how much he follows the rules of islam. When i heard about his discussion with Dr.Zakir Naik on islam in a TV show I was very happy but i missed the show.IF Shahrukh Khan can come regularly in this type of show INSHA ALLAH it will be helpful to him.


    • MUSLIM said,

      Mr.Saquib if really you wish to get Hidayat first of all you have to be careful from these types of people who’s clear picture is infront of everyone by his deeds and he himself exposing as fifty-fifty.In islam there is no concept of fifty-fifty either muslim beleif or not then become no muslim.

  9. Aquil said,

    Shahrukh, Soha and Kabir are celebrities and they are not practicing muslim. They even cant be as their profession comes on the way. There is no comparison between zakir naik and them. I think this was not the platform for Zakir naik as the anchor have not even given time to comment. they have just gathered a small portion of non-practicing muslims to show of the other side of the coin which is not a fact.

  10. shazad said,

    Enoyed the show but felt much wasn’t covered in the topics. Wasn’t impressed
    when Barka Dutt didn’t allow Dr. Zakir to elaborate on what he meant about Osama.
    Soha, Kabir khan, Shah Rukh and a few others talking about being a moderate muslim was quite funny because I thought that they are all boozers and a ‘moderate muslim’ in their eyes is no doubt someone who can drink alcohol, eat food which isn’t halaal and yet be called a muslim.


    • nmantri said,

      There is no problem with Zakir. People can see what he says and how fast he says it like a skidding mobike. One minute you thing he is going to come crashing down and appear downright stupid and silly but he hangs on as only he can and is back on the seat smiling away trying to convince us that it was no fluke. No the worry is not about him ! But you Oh! OOOOhhh! ho! OH!! The worry is you my friend. You confirmed what you are by speaking out for Naik. Naik is a manic introvert who fakes at being an extrovert in order to overcome a weakness.

  11. Ahmed said,

    6 idiots and one wise man (Dr. Naik), what a joke, NDTV was smart enough to sell the Famous Brand of Dr. Naik as he has world wide followers, but what happened thereafter was a total flop show, Dr. Naik was not given a chance to speak for more than 3 minutes in the whole episode. Shahrukh Khan who married a Hindu, who has a son Aryaan, Who celebrates Holi, Who has a Ganesha Idol next to Holy Quran, this person talks about Islam and Muslims, this was a real surprise to me. When he said that he doesnt mind if his daughter says to her friends that she is not a Muslim or a Hindu but a Christian, this comes as no surprise for me because this is what is expexted of him. I feel sorry for Dr. Naik he should have never share this podium with such idiots who doesnt know what Islam is all about.

    • nmantri said,

      So Ahmed
      What are you afraid of ? That Shahrukh and other like minded are going to make a world better for themselves and everyone else and that your outdated thoughts would probably command even lesser time by his and our future generations_ a generation that probably would have communicated with more people on earth than the entire Islamic faith would have done with each other since the beginning. You my friend are fooling yourself, informing your brain not to see things as they appear but to focus on what YOU want. By sharing the podium with Naik the young people have shown that they are far more generous and willing to be happy with people than the constant bitching, complaining Naik. You can give Naik 2hours, days, weeks or years to ramble and he still wont make a point. In the end he tries to justify the fundamentalist’s killing, tormenting the weaker sex and exacting a religious state sanctioned revenge couched in clever islamized rhetoric. Dont be afraid to grow up, Ahmed. Maybe Islam needed that law when people were crossing the desert with as a dagger armed bunch. But this 2011. Naik is a sad old historic relic who can do no good to anyone. he has already wasted a precious degree he earned at the expense of the Indian people. If people wanted a moulvi in his place the Govt could have dragged one out from any street and they would be far more sincere and wise than this maniacal spout.

      • Asim Khan said,

        I know where you going.. Dont you believe in God or what…No..I think you believe in enjoyment and fantasizing in this world..

        You will surely remember what I’m telling you..

        This world is gonna end and everyone is accountable for what he has done is this life..

  12. Mohammed Yusuf said,

    Assalamwalaykum brother and sisters,

    I was very surprise to see Mr Zakir Naik on NDTV . He wasn’t able speak half a minute. how is he suppose to be called as a Scholar of ISLAM if he cannot debate properly on some issues. Sharukh khan who is a bollywood man says himself a Muslim arguing with a scholar sitting next to him saying i have read Quran in my own ways and a scholar sitting next to him supposed to reply him which really didn’t happened? Where is the gone hiqma which mr naik speaks about in his talks!!!!!! I am very scare that this could lead many Muslims youth to wrong path, and imagine what will happen when all will start to learn Islam in his/her own ways……

    Allah Guide us all to the right PATH

    • Wajid said,

      JazakAllah Khair

    • Asad Hussain said,

      Dear brother Yusuf, i respect your reaction but one thing you must keep in your mind about sharukh khan he is ally of Shaitan[devil] and if you have fear of allah in your heart this debate cant take any one astray from their right path.
      And the concern about Dr.zakir Naik sb. he is a scholar person and you are not suppose to blame him in this manner, in my opinion decision to participate this debate was wrong and i’m sure if you were there the same thing would have happened to you bcz there was a big Shaitan[devil] non other than shahrukh was present on debate

  13. nasir said,

    Assalamualikum brothers and sisters

    Good thing about the show was that more and more people are coming to know what islam is all about. but in my view there was not enough time given to zakir naik as he was a practising muslim as he knows much about islam and also he is the man who speaks the truth there should be an seperate interview between burkha dutt and zakir naik to make understand the world what islam preaches and teaches.

  14. Nasir said,

    Barkha has not given Dr. Zakir proper time. i think she was afraid of Dr. Zakir because if he speak than no can dare to speak. And the best joke was she was asking questiones about islam to SRK and soha. Just by keeping “Khan” you can not become muslim as every one knows that they have nothing to do with islam except cheap publicity for their film carrer.
    And Dr. zakir doesn’t required cheap publicity.

  15. F.R.AZMI said,

    @AHMED: Indeed you said true.. we cant expect anything more what he(Sharukh) said to the media. He is just a name muslim. A muslim is he who practice atleast..and for GOD SAKE he shown in his recent movie also how muslims are…he is just an introvert man. May ALlah give him and all human Hidayat.
    and i feel very sorry for Mr. Zakir nayak.. he was not given chance to speak.. this shows what a shit is this media,

  16. F.R.AZMI said,

    is there any repeat telecast of this show??

  17. Wajid said,

    I was very disappointed after watching the show, it was supposed to be a realistic one and should gave chance to each and every one, BUT what Bharkha did, it was totally opposite, she intrupted Dr. Naik and never listen his answer/openion properly, on the other hand she was asking repeatedlly the meaning of Islam with whome who really doesnt know what islam is? I thank NDTV for arranging this show which will help every one to know more and more about islam. specially the attitude of Barkha that she didnt do justice of giving enough time to the genuine person.

    I pray Allah to give Hidaya to Shahrukh and all who is following him.


    indeed the time given to dr naik was less point taken,but dear friends ,don’t boost the likes of dr zakir all the time ,he has dedicated his life for learning and speading the message of islam by being an expert student of comparitive religion.



  19. ASif said,

    i am not getting why they they conduct such debate when u dint gave enough time to scholars who can explain Islam better than anyone else……………….The Shahrukh, Sohali khan are so called Muslims………….sohali have crossed every limit.i am just feeling pity over her….for what she had came there as religion was a private between her and her God….Then for what she came in Debate …just to tell everyone that she is stupid and worst than non muslims……lolz

  20. MOhd Asif said,

    shahrukh bhai aapke paas abhi waqt hai khuda se tauba karo khuda apne bando ko bahut jadi ma’af kar deta hai apka ye bahana ki mujhe islam ki knowledge nahi hai qayamat ke din nahi chalne wala. khuda aapki hifajat kare aur aapko ma’af kare Aameen.

    • Masood ali said,

      Ek dum sahi bole asif bhai.srk ko ye bahane bazi band karna hoga. Deen ka ilm hasil karne ko time nahi hai film,ipl me time waste karne hai.allah behtar jane iski nasal kaisi nikalegi.allah hidayat de aameen

  21. MAQBOOL AHMED said,


    Muslim world ko aisay Ideal ki Zaroorat nahi hai jo Islamic, basic & important faiths ko badalkar new age islam ka tasawwur pesh karta ho, Islam ne jis kam ko jurm (since) kaha hai usko Jurm na maanna Islam nahi hai, islam ke faiths ko agree na karne se muslim muslim nahi rahta,

  22. Irfan Khan said,

    Dear Bharkha, I don’t know the intentions that you are hiding in you. What I can say you is if you are calling somebody on stage to speak anything about any topic then give him/her complete space to speak on so that the reality should come out of it. Why you really afraid of the fact to get explored by someone who is genuine in knowledge and can extract all what this World looking for in Real Life. Let the things happen in Practical not theoritical. If you(Barkha) real beliver in God then come to face the challenge with the righteous guide who has the capabilitity to teach you the meaning of God and life after Death. We plan for future but you plan for the existing and this is what the difference between. However we(Muslim) cannot see any of the human body burning in Fire of Jahannam(The place called Hell) unnecassarily, for that reason we are spreading the Teachings of Islam to the World which the World Dons(Terrorist) do not like and they declare us the Terrorist. A person who is thinking of the whole Humanity to prepare for ‘its’ future’ is the real Hero in life of this World and HereAfter. “Oh Humanity you have given this chance to show yourself how good you are by following the Teaching of God not the rules created by your own. Hope this the Bharkha, Shahrukh or Soha will understand if they are really worried about their future. Shahrukh, Soha or Barkha don’t take this personally. We are your wellwishers not your enemy. (God is Great) – Jai Hind.

  23. Ghazi Abdul Majid said,

    Assalam alaikum to all muslims & Salam to non muslims brother’s and Sister’s

    As we all know about islam insha allah. There is declaration from PBOH sallelahu alaiwasallam fallowed what.according him we have to do the deeds.If we are looking for persons.that is totally wrong and we dont have to add anything in islam because it is a complete relegion.About the actors and other celeberaties.We dont know what deeds they do from heart let them do because they are responsible for themselves.
    Insha allah we have to wait for every one and see.when they will involve in islam.Only the day which was pased that was our day and the day is coming that is not our’s
    so Insha allah everyone who dont konw about islam they will know.and islam is a peace.We cannot claim any one.Because islam is belongs to ALLAH and we are the followers of rasool sallelahu alaiwasallam.

  24. Ghazi Abdul Majid said,

    Salam alaikum to all muslims and salam to non muslims brother’s and sister’s

    Dear All,

    !srt thing in islam everyone can pass comments because the power only ALLAH has and if somone is practicing islam means they will get good reward’s.As one sister says that. Why should we wear veil ( burkha) answer is it is in islam if you do you will benefited if you dont you will be punished by ALLAH because.Ummay aysha used wear and all other prophit womens used to wear.If you dont do muslim community cannot say anything to you because that is your sin. If you wear it will be good for you in heaven(jannah) If you dont you know very well.

    Islam is the relegion which is safe.and there is a big respects women’s and men’s
    and I really thankfull to NDTV for this massage to all humans that islam is not a terorrism.

    Dr. Zakir naik
    Assalam alaikum

    Masha Allah keep it up and your word’s are not your words.your words always you used from quran and hadeeth that is really amazing and we will try to follow your word’s which is from quran and hadeeth. Insha allah.

    • mustafa hussain said,

      peace be on u brother,

      brother u r 100pc correct!!!

    • waqar said,

      ur so true brother n dr.zakir naik iz an amazing personality may allah bless him n all of the muslims inshallah

  25. Zakir Naik Talk Show on NDTV – A Post Mortem « Peripatetic Wayfarer’s Blog said,

    […] } I found this rather interesting take of the issues which concerned my previous blog entry posted here. The views expressed are not mine and is the sole property of the blog from which this was […]

  26. mustafa hussain said,

    may peace, mercy & blessings of almighty Allah(swt) be on you all,

    I happeneed to see the program, we the people, in which all the bollywood people were there, along with brother zakir, and i am totally unhappy to tell that MEDIA ONCE AGAIN PLAYED DOUBLE STANDARDS, barkha dutt, supposed to be a generalist, forgot the rights of “TIME ALLOTMENT”. many questions asked to zakir bhai were given only maximum 30seconds to answer, were as others were given 2-3minutes.
    All the answers to the questions were interrupted by others, to cut down brother’s answer & to get it out of context.





  27. Jihad Musthafa said,

    Assalamu Alaikum Brothers,

    Sharukh Khan is a Muslim only in name, not in belief.
    Any Body can utter La Ilaaha Illalla , even Abu Jahl also knew that Allah is the Only Ilaah to be worshipped, but he didnt believe in Ulooohiyath of Allah. Similarly Sharukh Khan is not believing in Allahs Uloohiyath.

    La Ilaaha Illaha is not a just word of uttering by mouth, but this has to come from ones heart with Yakeen as yakeen (Surety) is one of the conditions of Laa Ilaaha Illallah.

    As per Islamic Sharee’ath, A Muslim is not supposed to marry a Hindu Girl who is a Mushrik which he did a great Kufr. Those who does Great Kuft can be called as Kaafir.

    May Allah protect all of us from these types of devils. Ameen.

    JazakAllahu Khairan
    BarakAllahu Feekum

    Jihad Musthafa

  28. sohail said,

    dr zakir naik zindabad he is great scholar sharukh khan has no knowledge as compared to zakir naik

  29. haleem dheen said,

    Dear brothers and sisters in humanity

    A confined time period and partially answered questions not made the event fruitful for the audions. the thing to be noted that Dr Zakir was not given enough opportunities to talk. Enemies of islam are the ones who are not the unbelievers rather the ones who are pretending to be Muslims. Allah has his own way of spread his religion. May Allah reward Dr Zakir Naik for his efforts.

  30. Independent Thinker said,

    Dear Brothers/ Sister,, When you use the word ALLAH ,write in all Capital & use SWT
    as ALMIGHTY ALLAH is the Supreme ruler of the vast universe.
    Thank You,

  31. Mim said,

    I mean, it would’ve been interesting to completely see what Dr. Naik had to say. Like, if Barka Dutt gave him ample time to make his points clear.

    Sure we cant really judge SRK or Soha Ali Khan because we dont know them personally, and their point of views on Islam may be different. They might be practicing muslims and they may have faith about their religion; maybe they dont show it (which is a badd idea btw) but like, my point is, we’re never going to know how much of a good or bad muslim they are.

    Now, the main point is that Barka Dutt should’ve carried on the show in a good way. There was a Scholar and a few actors that were muslim; and she was asking the actos more about Islam than the Scholar, which really doesnt make much sense.

    Like for example, if i were to be interviewing a Neurosurgeon, and 2 engineers whose parents were Neurogsurgeons, and I’d ask them ”So, what do Neurosurgeons do?”, it wouldnt make much sense for me to ask the engineers. I mean sure, they might have a whisp of what i was talking about and asking them just because their parents were Neurosurgeons, and they grew up seeing them; but it would’ve made better sense for me to ask the Neurosurgeon, coz i would’ve gotten more depth and i would’ve known more.

    And this is where Barkha Dutt screwed up.
    Ah well, shall there be better anchors in the future.

    • nmantri said,

      And on the other hand, Mim, you as an interviewer wouldn’t be comfortable since the Neurosurgeon would be exposing your ignorance and since you would like to be more comfortable alongside the Engineers by sharing their disdain and loathing of text book Neurosurgery lectures, just as you hated Islam being dinned into you by anyone and everyone who came to your house you would definitely end up taking more to the Engineers instead and the audience for which you dont seem to care like it too because they identify more with you and the Engineers than a Maniacal and Psychotic Neurosurgeon. Barkha Dutt did the right thing. She gave time for tens of opinions. She was aware that giving the mike to Naik is to accept one way traffic. Why does he need time anyway. Just say, Yes Islam wants to kill nonbelievers and anybody it chooses and it wants to subjugate women. You need time only if you need to cover it up as if it is some evil. Why should he go on like “But……..”. It is unnecessary. People can make up their own minds. If he feels it was unjust he can always go back and kill the malinterpreters thereby increasing the percentage of the right interpreters and you can call it selection through observation. Saddam or Osama were not fools. They were doing precisely what they were asked to in your holy book. We can always see the love and peace of Islam in the butcherings within the Muslim world where they are trying their best to give equal time to kill everyone all around.

  32. Dr.B.Ahmed said,

    Dear Readers,ASSalamu Alaikum,
    I see some writers accusing Sharuk Khan & Soha Ali as Munafiqe.
    Remember Islam forbids calling any one as Kafir. When you call others in degraded names ,You yourself become arrogant which is a satanic Spirit.
    Unlike christians &Hindu belief, We are not born as dog or cats nor sure to go to Paradise but no matter howmuch we Pray & fasts We can go to Paradise if ALLAH wills with the blessing of Hazrat Mohammed MSAS.
    We must be humble in all our actions.We cannot abuse any humanbeing for their wrong doings by may politely disagree.
    We are all brothers in Humanity because Holy Prophet Mohammed is the prophet of mankind.
    Thank you.

    • Haikal said,

      What the hell are u talking about??isnt Islam about believing in the ONENESS of Allah??u still want to defend those two by saying “oh no one have the right to judge if they r Muslim or not”…r u that blind??It’s so freaking obvious…SRK worshipped Hindu gods,put the idols next the Quran,don’t know anything abt Islam except using term like “InsyaAllah,MashaAllah”…from that kind of act,u still want to call them Muslim??that called Munafiq!!seriously bro,put aside the fact u r SRK’s fan…there’s nothing wrong in fancying srk but it’s a sin to support his ideology on Islam esp if u urself is Muslim…

  33. ziaurrahman said,

    DR zakir naik is avery good person he did not lie but actors

  34. Assadullah said,

    as-salam alekom
    sharukh khan must become a real muslem and do not use from islam name
    and must not do any bad work which is illegal in islam

  35. Yasir said,

    dear brothers and sisters u all have given well commets from ur side.But before giving such commets we should keep in mind the verse of 49th surah that we should first do inspection and then say something about a person.Without picking uq what media says we should ourselves do inspection.

  36. Tamim said,

    Actually I”m a fan of SRK but in the sense of islam he is totally unsuitable.Srk has no capability to talk with naik.I think srk is a another form of iblish devil.If naik could answer all the questions , they would become unable to speak ;.4 this reason naik was not given proper time.HEY SRK & SOHA,,,,HOW CAN U 2 TELL THAT U R MUSLIM????????????????????Dont u have any shame?????????.At least i think sooo.And Dr. Zakir Naik we all r with u.1 day islam will spread all over the world like before.May ALLAH SWA give us the strengh to work 4 ISLAM like Dr. Zakir Naik………


    my own view about shahrukh khan i was loved shahrukh befor that i was noted resreached about my religion islam but to day i realized that shahrukh khan is not a real muslim he be mushrak be case he says,and teach his childerin hiduism and also islam i think that shahrukh is by the name he is muslim but not a real muslim he is a manafiq person


    aslam alieekoom
    my dearest Dr sahib ZAKIR NAIK you should not talk to shahrukh khan be your the best in the world of islam but shahrukh is just muslim by the name your worthful to all muslims please your respective by more them 25 millions people in afghanistan

  39. servent of allah said,

    shahrukhan cannot be compared to dr zakr ………he has lot of money but with haram type of work …..srk my foot .he never take side of islam as he is muslim why he dont come for hajj in saudia arabia …………. sahru khan is only rich in this world
    but after death in hell…..zakir naik is rich in world and will be in janah tul ferdos

    • servent of allah said,

      ?????????????????????? ATTENTION

      MY LAST COMENT I MAKE MISTAKE IN FIRST LINE .I WROTE he has lot of money but with haram typr of work u may think i say this to dr zakir ……NO , NO

  40. Tanya said,

    from the prospect and outlook of an non pactricising muslim like myself’ despite the lack of efforts of wearing the hijab;praying 5 times a day. i still catogrise myself as a genuine muslim;i am proud of my religion;i love my religion alough i infrequently practice the islamic religion rarely.To be fair; i dont dress typically “islamical” or “moderate” in the pleasing sense of the way in the eyes of ALLAH almighty; my creator.Personally i dont belive this makes me a lesser muslim yet i should,it is compulsory for me as an induvidual to carry out these lawful acts stated by the holy quran;to attempt to imitate the actions of the phrophet Muhammed (pbuh). conversly; in respective of soha ali khans views; i find it totally appauling as shes claims “i happen to be a muslim” i belive;if you read between the lines” my parents were muslims;i inherited this religion yet im not following it” …..shes not a muslim!
    At the end of the day if you dont abide by the quran you are not a muslim; if you dont belive theres one god;only one are not muslim however if you belive there is one god only – Allah swt; and his last phrophet was Muhammed pbuh; and you do accept islamical ways,values and incentives yes you are a muslim;despite the fact you may wear tight outfits; you dont wear a hijab;you dont read 5 times a day this does not lower yout status as a muslim. But as sharuk khan describes and appears in his words…hes being a bit to relaxed about the islamic faith.and theres no orthodox way of the islamic religion as he proclaims.hes trying to say im a muslim but just because i dont practise it in the right way im still right…to be honest these are bollywood actors;he makes a living out of it;thats what he believes and as a muslim we should;it must be out duty to council others as much as we can;and then its up to them induvidually;islam is not about force

    • nmantri said,


      Please read again for yourself what you wrote. You cut and design Islam to suit your needs which is fine by you. But Shahrukh or Soha do a little trimming on their own and it is NOT OK ? In my opinion they are far more religious and sincere than you are and here is why. They are well to do and do not have the pressure of making a living anymore since their needs are taken care of. You on the other hand are still under the influence of your parents constant drumming about Islam and the consequences of not doing what they say is right because according to them everyone else is doing it who by the way are sheep behind another big flock ahead of them. This makes you speak out self righteously since you want to relieve your inner suppressed anger at your parents by trying to tell the world, ” Look I am doing the right thing and this must be right because I think so”. Actually you are telling yourself “Please, mom and Dad. I did what you asked me to. Now tell me I am good”. When you see others not thinking the same way you do, it confirms your inner doubts that creates a problem for you with your loved ones which makes you uncomfortable. If you can get everyone around you to believe in “your thinking” then your doubts do not surface and you fool yourself into thinking that you are safe since the doubts fade away for the time being.

      • Haikal said,

        Isn’t that applicable to u too??seriously b4 u saying unto others,look at urself too..watever u believe in right,isn’t that taught by ur mummy and daddy??

  41. sameer said,

    Dear Brothers and Sisters AssalamuAlaikum,
    ALLAH SUBHANWATALA has his own ways to spread ISLAM. It is some times not necessary for a Scholar like Dr. Zakir naik to comment. His smiling face is more then enough to spread Islam. Today we cannot fool people, everybody understands or will understand who this Dr. Zakir naik is. When people start searching him in the internet INSHALLAH they will start facing the Truth about ISLAM and then they will face themself. Remember when Islam was abused on 11/09 attack, most of the non muslim started investigation about Islam. And we could see there were more convert to Islam.
    So please brothers and sister have patience just watch what happens after this Show.
    Assamu Alaikum Wa rahmatullah.

  42. Rahmat ullah Hamid said,

    ye this is real that shah rukh is only muslim by name if he was the real muslim he would not do work in films n not kisses the girls ……n appreciate Dr.zakir naik he is one of the real n strong muslim in this world that he always gives the direction to the people ……..I love dr.zakir nayak ………

  43. asif said,

    Assalam Alaikum
    Dear Sharuk you dont have knowledge about islam . please dont talk about islam.
    pls dont give any statement about islam in medea.

    • Aimal said,

      دسلام په وړاند کولو سره زه دا وایم چه شهرخ خان مسلمان دی او خدای(ج ) هدایت نورهم ورته وکړی چه داسلام په باره که معلومات حاصل کړی او اسلامی فلمونه ډک کړی او کارورته وکړی د قواری نه هم لکه مسلمان په شان شکاری او زه دعا ورته کوم چه کامباب شی

  44. Masum said,

    Dear Brothers and Sisters of faith and humanityAssalamu Alaikum.
    Mr. Shahrukh, Soha Ali Who r they? they are nobody to give opinion about Islam. On the other hand the man (Dr, Zakir) Who alhamdulillah has the knowledge to talk about Islam was not given sufficient time. What they (media) proved again -“double standards”

  45. kulsumtasnim said,

    Assalamualikum, I want to say, someone will talk about any subject when he or she have enough knowledge about seeing that sharukh talk show it feel like some engineers come to treat patients.The relation with Dr.Zakir & sharukh is like light & darkness.srk,shoha ali kabir all those people r most sinner & r in the way of darkness.after that show, if srk a muslim & afraid from death then he will leave all those work that haram in islam&become a true muslim.

  46. Abdul Qayyum said,

    Assalam Alaikum

    I heard sharukh khan is under 50 most powerful person in this world but remember this brother dr zakir naik he is the most powerful person on this planet because allah is with him u can’t compare sharukh to dr zakir naik. Srk has no capability to talk with naik THat NDTV is showing that kind of programs whatever they …Any body can’t compare with Zakir Naik he is on right way Allah is with us..

  47. jawfar said,

    srk name is muslim but he is a realy hundu

  48. munira said,

    Jazakat lahufihi


    brother may allah help u

  50. Syed said,

    We all know, One day we gonna prove ISLAM is the best religion and we belong to this place…….

  51. mariam said said,

    asalam alikum dear muslims:
    as we all know the real muslim is that which has more information about islam religion and muslim is not someone that says to media and people that i am muslimand that will be good for shahrukh to be quiet in islam affairs

  52. Rashed said,

    Dear Sharukh you pls dont give any statement about islam in medea
    also you please dont face any related Islam issues other wise you will go to heaven
    you are unsuitable person.

    Dear Sharukh you are not giving this statements but your money and poplarity is giving that statements.
    Allah is there to see your poplarity


  53. Shamsh tabrez said,

    Salaam o alaikum

  54. samarendra parida said,

    What islam has given to this world? Not a single invention .They only here to destroy and to increase the number .The day they will outnumber other this mankind will finish if Zakir naik kind of people will lead the islam and give an idea of 72 virgin’s in janat.

  55. muhammad said,

    shahrukh should be punished

  56. shah md. fahimul islam said,

    srk has no knowledge about Islam & he is Muslim by name not by activity & the Muslim who has a little bit knowledge about Islam he can easily understand this.

  57. Dr:Abdelhalem mohammad said,

    First, i’m one of the doctors that live in somalia, i think shahrukh khan isn’t a real muslim by seeing his bad activity and entering churches and doing what christians do,
    Allah will punish him if he make a bad statements about islam.
    and i’m the first man who w’ll punish him.

    by Dr: Abdelhalem mohammad.

  58. Arshad Nawaz said,

    brothers and sisters

    i am very disappointed to see that they wants to know opinion of Islam about Hijab, Jihad etc. from those person who have 0% knowledge of Islam (SRK, SohaAliKhan)
    and they wants to proved that SRK and Soha are right while the Dr. Zakir Nayik is present here.

    Main srk and soha ke baare men aur to kuch nahi kah sakta but itna zaroor kahunga agar wo apne ap ko muslim kahte hain to wo haqiqat men Islam ko bilkul bhi nahi jante agar unhen apne aap ko muslim kahna hai to Islam ko jane aur samjhen tauba karen aur Islam ka kalma padhen kyun ki unka jo zindagi basar karne ka tariqa hai ek Muslim aur Momin ka to ho hi nahi sakta.

    ALLAH inko hidayat de aur hum sab per apne rahm-o-karam ki barish kare Ameen
    aur main Dr. Zakir Nayik ke liye bhi dua karta hun ki ALLAH unhen isi tarah Islam phailane ke liye hammat, taqat aur hausla de.. Aameen

  59. Tamim said,

    It was bad for Dr. Zakir Naik to go to such kinds of talk shows. But I think we don’t need to worry for such kinds of behavior from SRK because truth will always come to light. Allah is well enough to handle such kinds of devils. But as a muslim SRK did totally wrong only for his popularity.Lets pray to Allah to cope with this situation.

    • nmantri said,


      Unfortunately these are the only shows that he can attend. He cannot go to any Physician’s show since he will be slaughtered there for his ignorance. But he is a smart guy. He can get away by saying “I am a cancer specialist” knowing that he wont have to take the blame when the patient invariably dies. I sense that all of you seem to desire somebody to stand up and speak for Islam. But Naik is the wrong guy. He is just laying out a rope for all of you to walk like monkeys across it.

  60. Bashir Saleh said,

    i am from Nigeria i felt very PITY to SRK B/C he is almost about 50 & steel misguided may ALLAH give him hidaya amin.

  61. saima said,

    sir i know u r right but y u said that karbala …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………i cant say anythg i want to cry only ……………………………………………………………………………………thanks but onething is reality that no one is perfect………….

  62. Dr.sana said,

    mr.shahrukh ohhhhh (u r khan but not a terrost )wana to say U R KHANNNNNNNNNN BUT NOT A MUSLIM ……………………………… sorry to say bt this is reality .ALLAH ap ko iman dai aur ap ko akal dai……………….aike idiot nautanke ke liya apna iman baijdiya wah khud ko musalman kahtai ho.shahrukh khubsurti nahe rahne wali rahe ga tou ap kai amal.

  63. Ikraam said,

    I am happy to see the muslims sit together, but do deeply believe that the scholars should have been given more time to speak

  64. mohammed riaz uk said,

    shahrukh has the right to express his feelings, religion is in the heart,

  65. Qamar Afridi said,

    Salam to all, Nobody sofar has been found to compare Dr Zakir with, Still we have Shah Rukh to ride soon on the right path

  66. Amer khan said,

    sharuk tu khale naam ka muslim hai

  67. tanvir said,

    shahrukh, salman, amir, saif…….. they r not muslim.

  68. sheikh muhammad n said,

    my name is sheikh muhammad and am a nigerian,sharukhan is actualy great(media greatness) while Dr. Zakir naik is also great(ALLAHS Greatness). 0ne thing we must know is that Dr. zakir naik is the greatest person on earth so far by d wisdom ALLAH has given him in the proper way of sending the meswsage of islam which is the true religion for all mankind.the organiser knew that by allowing drr. zakir to talk will actualy expose the real truth and tha was wby she went ahead to do what she did i.e cheating,but allhamdullilahi even the worst enemies of islam are discovering the truth that islam is the onlyway out for the whole of humanity.

  69. Kashfia Ahamed said,

    May Allah bless all of us.
    People like Shahrukh Khan do not have any knowledge on Islam, thus they are jerks within Muslims. Shahrukh Khan is not of a level with Dr. Jakir Naik actually he is far below. He has no idea what he is telling.
    But I hope he will get to know what the religion Islam means and how to be a real muslim.

  70. hashiru isah said,

    i’m a big fan of shah rukh khan in nigeria but in a real sences he is not a true muslim but he is a muslim by name, but his behaviour in acting is very bad to see a muslim the way he do becouse he celebret hindu festival he marry hindu his childs practisen hinduism which is not allowed in islam remember srk life is shot in this worid and every body expectin death anytime but if u die in this condition is sorry for u, may allah guide u, guide us to the right path, ur bro hashiru isah sokoto. Allhamdu lillahhi wass salam.

  71. Nadeem Boss Doj said,

    if he was muslim he would not allow , what goes on in his house ALL THEM IDOLS shame on him

    • nmantri said,

      But why should that bother you Nadeem. He is not worshipping the idols. It is for his wife I think because she being a Hindu will be reborn on Earth and both Shahrukh and his wife will exchange mobile numbers as they part from each other over the clouds headed in different directions. He wont care for his wife or even you anymore because he will get his Virgins. He may at that time carry some convertible currency and buy more Virgins and some original autographed Korans also from the almighty. The wife will return to earth and maintain the balance in population traffic between heaven and earth. So both religions have their benefit.

  72. Farha said,

    I read many comments posted by different people.I would just like to say that,we should stop blaming each other for anything.Islam is peace and let the supreme power be the judge of what we are.It is easy to point out at others mistakes when we are doing the same mistakes.We should not keep names or talk bad about any preachers this is what Islam says as there should be unity in the Muslim Community.We may not be following the religion well but very easily we tend to point out at what others do.So Live and let live in peace.

  73. Abk kumo said,

    Sharukhan name is a muslims name while his atitude are not why

  74. peripateticwayfarer said,

    Thank you for all the comments. Please refrain from using obscene language and languages other than English in any future comments. Comments not complying with these standards will be deleted by the moderator. May Allah SWT make us steadfast in his path and count us alongside his righteous servants Insha Allah.

  75. Mohammed Ilyas said,

    I would like to say my all Muslim brothers and sister u be Muslim then comment him, don’t anger

    let me tell u all do 5 times prayer, do you implement MOHAMMED SALLALA HO ALIHIWASALAM’ s Sonat first u follow that NAMAZ and SONAT then you can comment them.


  76. Muktar said,

    No comparision between srk & dr zakir bhai

  77. Faruk said,

    To My own perspective; this discussion is as simple as ABCD, i have only 1 question to ask who is practising Islam by his daily activities Mind you there is different between Mumin and Muslim, you can call them Muslim if they say no to shirkh but to call them mumin they must abide by prophet PBUH saying and practicing it. Faruk from kano Nigeria.

  78. Aliyu kane said,

    Assalamu alaikum my dear brothers n sisters in islam, concerning this issue we have to bear in our mind that Allah(s.w.t) will protect his religion(islam) no matter how some one plan, coz qur’an says wayamkuruna wayamkurullah wallahu khairul makirun, may Allah(s.w.t) help, guide n protect Dr. Zakir n all d muslim ummah alhamdulillah.

  79. Mejbul Shaikh said,

    As-salamu alaikum ..I like peace tv. Ami mone korchhi..pressent social a annek poriborton hoyechhe by peace tv. KHODA HAFIZ

  80. aurangzeb khan said,

    shahrukh khan is a ocean of evils and i think if he will die on his way where he is stand he will stand with farua abu zahl mr canady lenin stalin hitler ata turk and imam e bidah ahmad raza brelwi

  81. Abubakar muhammad said,

    Sharukhan his name muslim while attitude is bad

  82. Edris yahya kiru said,

    MashaAllah may Allah give our teacher Dr.zakir win Ameen

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